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Peplink protects your valuables

When transporting objects of the highest value, it is important to always have everything under control. It is necessary to continuously monitor vehicles and the surrounding environment in order to be able to assess and counter any threats in real time: a complex circumstance that requires an accurate mobile video surveillance system.

This is exactly the problem that Ferrari Group , a company specializing in the international transport of gold, precious gems and valuable goods, has found itself with a fleet of over a hundred armored vehicles.

To ensure a safe passage of the transported elements, Ferrari Group had in fact the need to “see” and remain constantly connected to its vehicles so that the load and personnel could be protected at all costs and reach customers in a safe way.

A difficult task, especially considering the size of the company, but the Guardian Eagle project developed by Trium , a security consulting company, did what was requested and much more.

The Guardian Eagle project involves a pair of BALANCE 580s installed in high reliability inside the FERRARI GROUP control room and, on each vehicle of the armored van fleet, a Peplink MAX HD2 or a MAX BR1 , depending on the size of the vehicle. , connected via SPEEDFUSION VPN to the central office and remotely managed via INCONTROL2.

All vehicles can thus be constantly monitored centrally by the team in the control room, which can check in real time the position of the vehicle and the conditions inside and outside it through high-definition images and videos. The aggregation of 3G connections makes it possible to have sufficient bandwidth for the transfer of 3 Megapixel images (2048 × 1536 pixels) captured by the cameras mounted on board while the failover between cellular connections of different operators guarantees an always reliable connection. The collected multimedia material is then saved in the local memory, ready to be streamed in case vehicles are involved in a security incident.

The MAX HD2 and MAX BR1 are routers designed and certified for installation on board vehicles and mobile vehicles. The double power input and the DC block power supply ensure the functioning of the two devices even in the most critical situations. The GUARDIAN EAGLE takes advantage of these features by feeding itself for hours both through the vehicle battery and through an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and thus allowing the vehicles to maintain contact with the control center even hours after the vehicle has stopped and in case of breakdowns or accidents.

Thanks to Peplink and TRIUM, FERRARI GROUP customers can finally be sure that their assets will be protected by the best security technology and mobile video surveillance.

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