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FusionHub Cloud

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| FusionHub Cloud

Need to surf faster and enjoy all the benefits of Peplink 's SpeedFusion technology?

Do you want a solution that allows you to use your Peplink router to manage value services remotely ?

Do you want a team of networking specialists by your side?

| Service:

  1. Subscription with monthly fee

  2. Activated on the serial of the machine thanks to the FusionHub Solo

  3. Configuration support of both the Peplink router and the FusionHub

  4. Assigning a Public IP address for publishing / reaching services

| Who is it for:

  1. Need for bonding and hot failover: connection of remote offices via VPN

  2. Access internal services remotely through application ports (e.g. video surveillance system)

  3. Remote access to the company network: the FH can be configured as a VPN Client Server

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