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Do as Moby and choose Peplink to "browse"

The demand for internet connectivity is a factor that every company, especially in the world of transport, must consider in order to expand its range of services and for the shipping companies Moby and Toremar it was no different. With a fleet of 21 ships and ferries and more than 5 million passengers transported every year to and from Sardinia, Corsica and the island of Elba, both found themselves in the need to urgently find a solution to the increasingly numerous Wi-Fi requests on board.

The challenge

  • Get enough bandwidth for +2000 passengers

  • Offer reliable free Wi-Fi throughout the ship

  • Acquire information for targeted marketing actions

The solution

  • MAX HD2 LTE - to balance traffic between multiple 4G LTE connections

  • AP One In-Wall / Flex 300M - as indoor and outdoor hotspot points

  • InControl2 - to monitor all devices and the fleet centrally

The advantages

  • An Internet access with Captive Portal dedicated to guests

  • A fast and reliable Internet connection throughout the ship

  • The ability to view complete reports on Wi-Fi usage

From problem to… Peplink

The project proposed to Moby by Know IT Srl, a Peplink certified European distributor, envisages the use of a MAX HD2 LTE on each ferry to better balance and manage the traffic deriving from the various LTE connections . The combination of the Peplink ACW-851's omni-directional antenna and AP One In-Wall and AP Un Flex 300M access points ensure perfect Wi-Fi coverage in both internal and external areas of the boat.

Everything under control with InControl2

All installed devices were then recorded on InControl2, free cloud service Peplink designed to better manage the devices directly from the web, allowing real-time monitoring of the data traffic and the location of each ferry.

Know your passengers

Thanks to the simple graphical interface of the Peplink Hotspot developed in-house by Know IT, the passengers of the Moby and Toremar ships can now quickly access the network and enjoy a reliable Wi-Fi service, collecting all the information necessary to target their actions. of marketing.

Thanks to these innovative interventions to improve the structure and accessibility to new technologies, Moby and Toremar ships are now more SMART than ever and their passengers can finally take advantage of the new free Wi-Fi and Social Corner services with multimedia totems to stay always connected.

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