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Hitman also uses gang aggregation

Everyone will have wondered, watching a movie or playing a video game, what it would be like to be on the other side of the screen. The Realm Pictures team has been working to answer this question for years. Realm Pictures is in fact an English film production company specialized in live-streaming reality in which remote players, instead of interacting with a virtual character, directly guide the actions of a human being on a live movie set via headset. -action. It is precisely the peculiarity of these productions that led the famous Danish video game house, Io Interactive , to sign an agreement for the creation of an interactive experience based on the popular video game Hitman .

the secret of a Live Interactive Movie

An exceptional production like that of Real Life Hitman requires an articulated "behind the scenes": dozens of actors, HD IP CCTV cameras, lights and audio, controlled by a single command center and perfectly synchronized to offer the player a 360 ° involvement. All immersed in the mysterious atmosphere of the Oldway Mansion, an English building from the 1800s, without any fixed network connectivity, a fundamental requirement to guarantee high definition video streaming.

The solution proposed by Grapevine Unified Communications Ltd, Peplink certified partner, was primarily to combine a MAX HD2 MEDIAFAST with two MAX BR1 LTE routers via WAN to allow the crew to take advantage of four multi-operator LTE connections and a web system. caching to reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed by various internet activities.

But although the use of cellular connections was able to solve the "connectivity" issue, the problem remained of guaranteeing the reliability of the video streaming sessions and of engineering the control of the interactive elements of the game, including the protagonist's machine gun. , with live viewfinder and trigger operated by players.

In fact, normal cellular data connections are not equipped with public IPs and consequently do not allow port forwarding , a mechanism necessary to give remote access to the control of the weapon. This problem could be solved through the use of SIM Cards capable of supporting public IP addresses but, since they are public IPs linked to individual cellular connections, a possible loss of the connection would have irreparably caused the loss of control of the machine gun.

For this reason Grapevine has decided to take advantage of the FUSIONHUB installed in its private cloud (and already used for the SpeedFusion VPN and the aggregation of bandwidth), to also configure port forwarding and thus convey it through a SpeedFusion tunnel , instead of binding it to a single WAN link on the MAX HD2 WITH MEDIAFAST, allowing REALM PICTURES to forward all ports necessary for the game to function.

Following the success of the Real Life Hitman episode REALM PICTURES will be able to venture into bold new projects, aware that Peplink solutions will continue to connect their players - wherever they are in the world.

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