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Load Balancing
Delivering Unbreakable Connectivity.

| Load Balancing

Push the reliability and flexibility of your connection to the maximum and save up to 90% compared to solutions based on dedicated circuits, telephone lines and other expensive connections. With the Load Balancing feature of Peplink balancers, all cable, DSL and cellular connections will work together to manage even the most demanding traffic, without delays or downtime.

| Load Balancing

Prioritize and balance traffic day after day

It takes just a few clicks to set your traffic priorities, including VoIP and custom applications, and let Peplink take care of the details of balancing and optimizing traffic.

Add Band at any time

Do you need more bandwidth? Just add a cable, DSL, cellular connection, even from a different provider, and the Multi-wan Balance router will integrate it perfectly into the connection pool accessible to all network clients.

Automatic failover

Always stay connected thanks to Peplink's automatic failover that keeps the network running, with continuous monitoring of the status of all connections, promptly redirecting traffic in the event of an active connection failure.

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