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Social Hotspot WiFi
Delivering Unbreakable Connectivity.

| Social Hotspot WiFi

Manage your business's Guest Wi-Fi via Peplink Social Hotspot Wi-Fi. This technology allows you to filter and regulate guest access to your wi-fi, obtaining information about your users and showing the content you choose.

Peplink's Social Wi-Fi supports various login methods (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, SMS) and is fully manageable by Incontrol2, with the ability to customize content.

| Social Hotspot WiFi

Here are some benefits of Peplink's Wi-Fi Social Hotspot:

- Easy portal customization: enter your Facebook profile and Incontrol2 automatically customize your access portal

- Time and Bandwidth Limits: Determine how many minutes and how much data each user can use with your Wi-Fi

- Multilingual support: enter the text in your language, then let your customers choose theirs

- Content management: choose which text and which images to use for the design of your portal

This feature is available for all Wi-Fi enabled devices:

All Balance models

All MAX models

All MediaFast models

All AP models

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